Private Events

Lundy Farm is the perfect partner to host an event or retreat for a group up to 20*. More than a bed and breakfast, we offer comfortable accommodations and serene settings. Three farm-fresh Chef prepared meals will be served steps from where it’s grown. Our buildings have space to move, relax, gather and share. We have an open studio space for dance or yoga. Next to that space there is a fitness room with stationary bikes and free weights. We have yoga blankets, 64 blocks, 60 straps, 32 bolsters, and 30 backless style yoga chairs for Iyengar style classes. The forest, water and walkways make it easy to commune in the outdoors. Each bed is dressed in washed linen bedding on top of eco mattresses. Bedrooms have Schoolhouse Electric lamps and fixtures, and collected items from the Brimfield Antique market. Common areas feature handmade reclaimed wood tables and benches throughout (the original planks upcycled from a falling down chapel in Baltimore, Maryland), abc carpet and home oversized couches and chairs and cashmere throws to wrap up in. Rubber boots and ponchos are available for farm walks, Goldie’s bath soaks in every bathroom, and locally hand thrown ceramic mugs for tea and coffee. Jade yoga mats and hand woven yoga blankets made in Mexico complete the movement space. Several common spaces are hooked up to a state of the art sound system that can be accessed by any device via Bluetooth. We create the blank canvas backdrop for a perfect weekend – or week – away.