Central to our revitalization initiative is the construction of a regenerative organic farm. The intimacy of small-scale sustainable agriculture promotes biodiversity and soil health. Soil and plants have an interdependent relationship, which significantly impacts food flavor. Biodiversity creates ecological resilience, which stabilizes the long-term health of the land and pollinators.

Chef & Farm Director Davis Lindsey designed the regenerative organic farm, which features a soil-based glass greenhouse for plant propagation and specialty vegetable production in addition to a 4 acre field that grows a diversity of vegetables, fruit, flowers, and herbs. The farm team cultivates over 150 varieties of plants from seed.

A small flock of pasture raised Rhode Island laying hens produce eggs to eat and in combination with our compost system, act as a vehicle for food waste management. The farm is also home to a small apiary of bees in partnership with local beekeeper Keith Duarte of Damn Good Honey. The queen bee breeding project seeks to strengthen the local genetics of bee populations.